Aurelia Frydrych-Zdanowska graduated from the faculty of Photography at University of Arts in Poznan and faculty of Biology at Adam Mickiewicz University. She also obtained film directing skills by completing the documentary course at Torino Media Center.

In 2010 she shot and co-created two documentaries about Kenya („Radio Kibera Tales” and „On Equator”) that were later distributed by polish and international TV networks. During her stay, she also shot a photographic cycle of women portraits titled: Africans exhibited throughout Poland.

In 2014 she created a series of landscapes titled „Marriage” that won a special award at Photosensitive Country contest.

Her project: „Technoflora” premiered at 9. Biennale of Photography in Poznan at „Infinity of Measurements” exhibition (2015) and during Anthropocene-themed OFF_Festival in Bratislava 2018.

Her visual diploma project „Emergence: Where there is a tree, there is beauty” premiered at TIFF 2016 in Wroclaw. In 2019 it was a part of the exhibition opening Biennale in Latvian Museum of Photography in Riga.

In 2017, she received the Grand Prix Globe at the World Media Festival in Hamburg for the short film World of Silence. A year later at the same festival, she was awarded a Golden Globe for a short film World of Sounds.

Currently, she lives in Warsaw, Poland pursuing her interest in photography projects combining science, art and folk believes. She also cooperates in the Frydrych & Zdanowski duo producing advertising and documentary films.

She is a director of a Girls Now project about polish teens and recently took part in the Sputnik mentorship program.



2011 Travelling Exhibition - Millenium Development Goals

Project: Kibera Women


2013 Poznan Fine Art Students Exhibition

Poject: Gravity


2014  Photosensitive Countryside Laureates Exhibition
National Museum of Agriculture
Project: Marriage


2015 Infinity of Measurements exhibition at 
9. Biennale of Photography in Poznan
Project: Technoflora


2016 Territorium Novum exhibition at TIFF Festival Wroclaw

Project: Emergence


2018 9th OFF_festival Bratislava: Anthropocene

Project: Technoflora


2019 Biennale Photography in Riga 

Project: Emergence




2018: Gold Medal at WCFF for Demant World of Sounds Video

2018: Gold at World Media Festival for Demant World of Sounds Video

2017: Grand Prix at World Media Festival for Demant World of Silence Video

2014: Papaya Young Directors - Honorable Mention

2014: Special Governer's Award - Project: Marriage